Program Overview

Medislim is a medical practice that specializes in weight management. We offer a comprehensive program tailored to fit your personal needs. Lab work is obtained on each new patient at your first visit. This includes a comprehensive metabolic profile, which assesses vital organ function, electrolytes, a complete blood count to check your hemoglobin, iron levels, a lipid profile to check your cholesterol, triglyceride levels and a thyroid function test.

At your first visit you will complete a new patient profile, lifestyle and nutritional and health history. We will check your blood pressure, obtain your weight and perform a body composition analysis. After the test the doctor will complete a medical history and examination. We will then work with you to customize a weight loss and management program based on your lifestyle and food preferences and goals. Your program may include prescription appetite suppressants, fat blockers, or other appropriate medication. We do not prescribe amphetamines. Your initial visit will be approximately one hour. Your first follow up visit will be in one week and you will continue to be seen on a weekly basis. These visits are 15-30 minutes in length.

Managed by Board Certified Gastroenterologists, Dr. Isaac Bassan and Dr. Michael Bloom, Medislim offers the following:

Consultation *at no cost to you:
  • A complete overview of our program by a member of our medical team.
  • Nutritional and exercise counseling.
  • This is your opportunity to get a full understanding of our program and make an informed decision.
If you choose to begin the program we can proceed with your initial visit that day.

Initial Visit:
  • You will receive a medical assessment by our physician and an individualized plan is developed for you based on our clinical and historical findings.
  • A weight and body fat composition, blood pressure EKG and a comprehensive blood panel.
  • Your first week supply of medication and your first weekly supplemental injection as well as a recommended monthly supply of our pharmacy grade multivitamins and a fat burner supplement.
Weekly Visits:
  • You will consult with a member of our medical staff each week to evaluate your progress.
  • Your week of medication and your weekly supplemental injection.
  • Measurement of weight and body fat percentage.
  • Measurement of blood pressure.

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