Dr. Bloom and Dr. Bassan are approved distributors of ZONE supplements
and vitamins.


Medislim is a medically supervised program that provides you with the foundation to obtain your healthy weight range quickly and safely. The typical patient that follows our program will lose 5-10 lbs in their first week and will lose 15-20 lbs in their first month. Our successful combination of physician supervised weight loss and structured behavior modification will not only help you to lose weight but to ultimately keep it off.

Medislim was created to fulfill the needs of busy professionals that struggle with weight control on a daily basis. We offer you the ability to address both the internal and external issues of weight reduction in a private office based setting. Almost 1/3 of Americans struggle with being over weight. Many are frustrated with the clinic mentality of some of the mass-market weight centers, along with the one-size fits all approach to the "celebrity" diets. Hectic schedules make it difficult to go to the gym. Medislim will address the patient. We will assess your current eating habits and develop a meal plan that accommodates your personal taste and desired weight goals. We will help you not only look better but feel better. Begin your journey to a better you now!

Our Program Utilizes:
  • Weekly visits to monitor your progress and ensure quality medical care and ongoing support.
  • FDA approved appetite suppressants to control your hunger.
  • Supplemental injections to enhance your overall results.
  • Individualized nutritional planning.
  • Exercise counseling and support.
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